A la carte


Red, yellow and polka beetroot carpaccio with goat cheese cream served with a honey and Champagne vineaigrette

– 145 kr –

Creamed Jerusalem artichoke soup with cheese and truffle sticks

– 155 kr –

Scallops fried in duckfat with truffle pickled apple, smoked pork, parsley foam and root parsley puré

– 210 kr –

Moose carpaccio marinated in port wine served with lingon berry chutney and sour cream

– 195 kr –

Classic starters

Klassiska förrätter

Assortment of pickled herring served with Västerbottens cheese and new potato

– 185 kr –

Classic Toast Skagen with handpealed shrimps in mayonnaise, horseradish,dill, lemon and bleak roe on toast

– 225 kr –

Bleak roe from Kalix with butter fried toast of the house, sour cream, red onion and lemo

– 310 kr –

Main course

Smoked salmon with herbal cream and dill potatoes

– 285 kr –

Peark baked and salt cured fillet of cod topped with avruga on a bed of spinach and garlic with a butter creamed lobster consommé

– 395 kr –

Filet of Veal a´la Anna Lindberg with brown butter baked carrots, morel cream sauce & potato gratin

– 375 kr –

Fillet of reindeer spiced with blackened laurel leaf salt served with herbal cream, butter tossed savoy cabbage, roasted celeriac, port wine sauce and potatocake

– 445 kr –

Grilled dry cured entrecôte (rib steak ) with beer caramel cream, almond potato dill crisp,
pearl onion, dryed tomatoes from Viken and red wine sauce served with savoy cabbage and deep fried potatoes

– 425 kr –

Veal patty á la Wallenberg with clarified butter, green peas, lingonberries and potato purée

– 255 kr –

Fem Små Hus Veal meatballs served with cream sauce, lingonberries, picklad cucumber and potato purée

– 230 kr –

Baked celeriac with roasted Jerusalem artichoke, roasted beets, pumpkin seeds, muchroom vinaigrette and Jerusalem artichoke purée

– 265 kr –


Passionfruit cheesecake with raspberry glaze

– 165 kr –

White chocolate mousse with cloudberrys and almond flake

– 175 kr –

Vegan chocolate panna cotta with caramel crumble, orange filé and orange sugar

– 180 kr –

Vanilla ice cream with varm cloudberries

– 195 kr –

Crème à l´Angloise

-165 kr-

(ask your waiter for todays flavor)

– 85 kr –

Three kinds of home made truffles

– 75 kr –

Carefully selected Swedish farm cheeses, served with marmalade and seed crisp bread
– 185 kr –