A la carte


Toast with Nordic Caviar, Red Onion and Sour Cream 325

Shrimp Toast ”Sk agen” topped with Nordic Caviar and Pick/ed Red Onion 255

Moose Carpaccio with Apple Compote, Västerbotten Cheese and Parsnip Chips 235

Assortment of Herring with Västerbotten Cheese and Potatoes 195

Roasted Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Nordic Caviar Cream and Roasted Nuts 175




Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls fil/ed with Wild Rice, Cottage Cheese and Mushrooms Served with Selsify Pure, Lingonberries and Buttery Mushroom jus 295

Fillet of Cod with Trout Roe, Fenne/, Smoky Butter Sauce and Potatoes 395

Fillet of Vea/ with More/ Sauce, Port Wine Reduction and Potato Cratin 375

Fillet of Reindeer with Mushrooms, Park Side, Selsify Pure, Red Wine Sauce, Potato Croquette 445

Pepper Steak – Fillet of Swedish Beef with Pickled Tomato, Cognac & Pepper Sauce and Potato Pastry 475

Swedish Meatba//s with Creamy Sauce, Lingonberries, Pick/ed Cucucmber and Potato Pure 295


Punsch (Swedish liqueur) Parfait with Cloudberries, Punsch Cream and Cloudberry Syrup 175

Chocolate Cake topped with Fudge and Raspberry Mousse 165


You waiter will be happy to present the {lavors of the evening 775

Assortment of Swedish Farm Cheeses with Dur own Marmalade and Seed Crisp 275

Chocolate Truffle 65