A la carte


Polka beet carpaccio with chèvre creme, roasted walnuts and honey vinai grette 165 kr

Toast Skagen with Nordic roe and pickled union 255 kr

Cured salmon with mustard sa uce and herbal salad 265 kr

Bleak roe toast, red onion , dill and sour cream 325 kr

Three different pickled herrings with p otatoes and Swedish cheese (Västerbotten) 195 kr

Venison carpaccio with chanterelle cream, swedish cheese (Västerbotten), cloudberry vinaigrette

and parsnip chips 225 kr 



Baked lace cabbage with o ats rice, black rot puree and ram son mayo 295 kr

Nordic char with seasonal vegs, creamy sauce (Sandefjord), trout roe and potatoes 345 kr

Cod back with seasonal vegs, shellfish sauce and potatoes 395 kr

Filet of veal Anna Lindberg with seasonal vegs, morel sauce and potato gratin 375 kr

Fillet of raindeer with baked beets, potatoe puree with Swedish cheese (Västerbotten) and port wine reduction 445 kr

Grilled strip loin with Café de Paris butter, red wine and french fries 385 kr 

Swedish meatballs of veal , cream sauce, lingonberries, cucumber and potato puree 295



Punsch (Swedish liqueur) parfait and cloudberry jam 175 kr

Chocolate dessert with Italian meringue and rasberry sauce 155 kr

Pear cheesecake with gooseberry compote 155 kr

Our signature sorbet (ask the staff about flavours) 115 kr

Chocolate truffle 65 kr

Selection of swedi shfarm cheeses, our own marmalade and seed crisp 195 kr